Are you an alcoholic?

A really interesting and detailed article about all aspects of alcohol abuse…

Inspiring quotes about resilience…

“If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.”

― Shane Koyczan

“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.”

― Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven

“I spent my young adult years postponing many of the small things that I knew would make me happy…I was fortunate enough to realize that I would never have the time unless I made the time. And then the rest of my life began.”

― Chris Peterson

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

― Margaret Thatcher

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”

― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

― Nelson Mandela

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

― Maya Angelou

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.”

― J.K. Rowling

“Someone I once loved gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.”

― Mary Oliver

Poetry by The Care Kid.

I’ve added a “Poetry by The Care Kid” section to my website where you can buy personalised poems written by me.

I hope to raise much needed funds to help the next stage of my education.

If you’re interested, please email me at, DM me on Twitter or hit the link on my website…