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!! Important Blog Post !!

I just wanted to write a little something that has been playing on my mind. Yesterday, someone made a passing, flippant remark about my appearance to my partner, who against his better judgement, felt he should tell me. I wish he hadn’t but understand his reasoning for doing so. That day, I had mustered up […]

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Rome 🇮🇹

A selection of holiday photos in Rome, Italy where highlights included attending an audience with Pope Francis and Jack Savoretti in concert.

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Replacing alcohol with sugar…

Since quitting alcohol on January 31st 2019, I’ve had an unusually high craving for sugar. Growing up, I was never a fan of sweets. My downfall…? Fizzy drinks. I could drink 2 litre bottles day after day. Since I stopped drinking though, I can’t stop eating anything and everything that’s sweet… juice, chocolate, haribo. I’d […]

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