Social anxiety – turning a corner?

Many of you might or might not know, but for the past couple of years, but particularly in the last few months, I have suffered from crippling social anxiety. Sometimes it meant I couldn’t go out of the house, and often would sit throughout the day in darkness with the blinds closed. This was causing me to drink much more than I normally would and consequently causing further anxiety and health worries of its own.

Today I’ve just been for a walk around my local park in the sunshine seeing all the crocuses, snow drops and daffodils sprouting and it’s done wonders for my mood. One of only a handful of times in the last month or two I’ve taken myself out on an non-essential journey. I’m hoping that with spring around the corner, and having knocked alcohol on the head, my health too can start a rebirth. I have found that wearing my headphones helps significantly as it’s kind of disconnects me to the world (but I have to ensure I keep my wits about me…!!) But the main thing is, I’m feeling positive!

#anxiety #socialanxiety #solitude #spring #joy #newstarts #newbeginnings #addiction #alcoholaddiction #thingsofthepast #diet #weightloss #lifestylechanges

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