What are we waiting for?

Now’s the time to jump…

2 Comments on “What are we waiting for?

  1. Hi carekid from another carekid. Have just seen the amazing photos of flowers & i feel as if i’ve been given a wonderful bouquet. You definitely have talent in photography!! When i read your title i immediately thought this is my title too. I grew up in care (11 different foster homes & childrens homes. Iwas sexually abused when i was 8 years old. This & a childhood in care left me battling with the demon drink too. I am convinced that the majority of kids who grew up in care have gone on to become alcoholics or addicts! It would be really interesting to do a survey on all the carekids who have ended up with an addiction of some sort, what do you think care kid? 😊


    • Hi,

      Thank you for the message. I’m glad you like the photos. I love taking photos, particularly of nature. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful world and saddens me how we take it for granted and cause so much destruction.

      My childhood, as sounds to be the case with you, was very tough. I often vacillate between finding it tough to cope with and moments of strength. My doctor is currently looking into diagnosing “hyper mania”. Personally, I think it’s just getting to grips with my demons and working on my health. Everything else, I think, will slip into place!


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